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Class feedback:


“Anna, just wanted to thank you for such an awesome yoga class. It was great to do the more strenuous stretches and the letting go meditation was really powerful. Am loving it!”


“Thanks so much Anna - your classes are great; a really good atmosphere and pace, thank you!”


“I have loved your yoga classes. I've done tons of yoga over the years but in more recent years, until I got to your classes, I'd not enjoyed classes very much. You bring a lovely lightness of touch and humour to your classes which I find just right. Plus you make us work!”


“I started this year in pieces, after a very hard year full of stress, changes and illness. Thank you for all the moments of healing and calm in your classes and for challenging me physically and offering me support in reaching these challenges.”


121 sessions feedback:


Reduced back pain and improved sense of well-being:


“I had 5 yoga therapy sessions with Anna, unsure of how I will overcome the unpredictable episodes where my back seizes up. I've been practicing for over 8 weeks now and am able to manage better thanks to Anna's mind calming techniques and tailored yoga moves. Anna's supportive approach to how I was feeling on a given day and her ability to tailor the session around my needs enabled me to move into the poses better and leave each session with a feeling of achievement. Thank you Anna!”  


Recovery from breast cancer and surgery:

“Anna was wonderful in helping me recover from breast cancer - her one-to-one sessions focused on the parts of my body that needed strengthening as well as helping me improve my mental attitude to my body.  She has given me the tools to continue the yoga at home so that it has become part of my life outside of the classes.  I would definitely recommend anyone else with health problems to take up one-to-one lessons with her.”  

Reduced anxiety and increased self esteem:

“I have had five Yoga 121 session with Anna. It’s really helped me feel more positive and creative.  I can feel the yoga practices help me to open my chest and release my jaw and tongue. I’ve really enjoyed the chanting and breathing exercises. Thank you!”

Yoga for Children: Reducing Anxiety:

Thank you very much for the personalised yoga sessions you did with my 7 year-old daughter and I. My daughter was experiencing anxiety after our house was burgled. The relaxation sessions and coping strategies have helped her begin to get over this and to sleep better at night. It can be difficult to deal with the emotions of a child but you were very perceptive in recognising that she needed a confidence boost and to understand the “circle of safety” that we all provide for her. I think she will continue to use the methods she learned from you for a long time - and I can remind her of them whenever she’s feeling anxious.”

Retreat feedback:

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. The accommodation was great , the food was excellent, I enjoyed the Yoga very much and overall it exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed by your gentle and insightful approach to yoga and enjoyed the meditation and group work too. I also felt relaxed and happy.”


“The mini Yoga retreat was more than our expectations and  we had a fantastic time.  We would love to come to your next retreat if you do organise another.  Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.”



Yoga in Cambridge

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