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Yoga in Cambridge

move freely  - breathe freely - live freely  

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“I love the games.” Rosie aged 13


“It’s really relaxing and helps me calm down.” Lily aged 16

“The stretches are good. It doesn’t matter if you can do them.” Jen aged 11

“It’s for boys and girls. Anyone can come.”  Conner aged 11.

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For children aged 11—16

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Fridays 4.30 — 5.30 pm

Scout Hut, Flamsteed Road, Cambridge, CB1 3QU map

AutumnTerm 2019:

Nov 1st— Dec 6th


£24 for 6 weeks.


You can start any time and try a session for £4 .

Relax on a Friday!

Have fun with games, yoga poses and sequences, simple breathing, short meditations and guided relaxation. Discover ways to relax and release tension in your body and mind and feel good. Snacks provided.

Yoga is NOT a sport. You do not have to be fit or flexible to  join in. It is non-competitive and anyone can try it. Practising yoga regularly improves health, strength, flexibility and focus and creates a sense of calm and feeling good about yourself. It is also a chance to meet new friends and chat about whatever is on your mind.

Age 11  - 16

Wear leggings / shorts and a t-shirt / long sleeved top.

Please contact me to book or just come along.