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Yoga is a holistic approach to better health as it deepens our awareness of the connection between mind and body through developing an inner focus, improving the quality of our breathing, posture, strength and flexibility. It balances all the systems of the body to bring a sense of unity and calm to body and mind.

Each class will include a range of asana to suit each individual, breathing techniques, guided relaxation and simple meditation practices to improve health, relieve stress and relax. By the end of the class, you will feel more energised, focused, nurtured and relaxed. The class also aims to develop a sense of balance, a clearer perspective and of feeling more in tune with yourself.

For testimonials, please click here. Newcomers are welcome to drop in any time. Please contact Anna first to check that a space is available. Yoga mats, belts and blocks provided. Ideal for beginners and those with yoga experience.

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Yoga in Cambridge

move freely  - breathe freely - live freely  

“I feel so much stronger after your classes, they really help me get through the week :)”

Adult Yoga Classes

* If you know at time of booking that you will miss sessions due to holidays or work then please let me know and I will deduct those sessions from the overall cost. Refunds cannot be given once payment has been made. If you miss a class, then you may make up the session at another class in the same week. You are welcome to pay in instalments. Please contact me to arrange this. Many thanks.

Monday evenings term time

7.35 pm — 8.55 pm

Community Room
Morley Memorial Primary School,
91 Blinco Grove, Cambridge, CB1 7TX

Autumn Term 2017:

Sept 11th— Dec 11th  (13 weeks)

No sessions: Oct 23rd

Classes resume on Jan 8th 2018.

£97.50 for 13 weeks*

Tuesday mornings term time

9.35 am —10.55 am

Lichfield Hall, Lichfield Road, Cambridge, CB1 7BS

Autumn Term 2017:

Sept 12th— Dec 12th  (13 weeks)

No sessions: Oct 24th

Classes resume on Jan 9th 2018.

£97.50 for 13 weeks*

Wednesday evenings term time

7.35 pm — 8.55 pm

Lichfield Hall, Lichfield Road, Cambridge, CB1 7BS

Autumn Term 2017:

Sept 13th— Dec 13th  (13 weeks)

No sessions: Oct 25th

Classes resume on Jan 10th 2018.

£97.50 for 13 weeks*