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Yoga in Cambridge

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How do I know whether I need a 121 yoga session?

Do you have a constant or recurring pain physically, emotionally or mentally? Then a 121 is for you.

Do you have an issue that won’t go away that you want to explore more?  Tthen a 121 is for you.

Do you want a home practice to build upon what you do in class? Then a 121 is for you.

Do you want a specific ways to relax? Then a 121 is for you.  

How can a 121 class help me?

Your practice will be designed to help you reach a goal, which might be:

· To improve or maintain physical, emotional or mental health.

· To recover from or learn to live with a health problem.

· To calm anxiety and stress.

· To improve sleep.

· To heal an emotional wound, or resolve an emotional conflict.

· To stay healthy during pregnancy, and gain calm and confidence for the approaching delivery.

· To relieve the symptoms of the menopause.

· To increase or regain their everyday happiness and emotional stability.


What happens during a one to one class ?

It depends on your particular health needs. When you book, you will be asked to fill out the health questionnaire. The class will start with a short discussion, to allow the teacher to understand your aims, needs and abilities. You will practice some yoga, which might be yoga poses and sequences, breathing exercises and relaxation. At the end of the class, the teacher will give you a written practice to repeat at home.

What kind of practice will I be given?

The practice is tailored to your needs and in the 121 session, you will discuss what you think you can practice at home.

How much yoga experience do I need?

It doesn’t matter as the practice is designed for your abilities, so beginners and those with experience welcome.


What should I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing. Mats and other equipment is provided.


How do I book?

Please email Anna annayoungs@hotmail.com to book an appointment or find out more. You will be sent a health questionnaire, which you are asked to return at least two days before your appointment. Payment is due in advance. 48 hours notice must given if you want to cancel an appointment, otherwise payment is not refunded. 

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